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Vinyl Application Advice

Here are a few tips about applying your vinyl decal to help get it right, looking amazing and so that it lasts for years to come. Our chosen vinyls are only of the highest quality, from the worlds leading manufacturers. The same goes for our application tape.

The vinyl we supply is what we feel are the best for the purpose, chosen from experience in many years of working with them. We use Avery, 3M, KPMF and MacTac vinyls. Those brands may not mean much to you but trust us, they are what we believe to be the best.

Many of the problems you may face will be due to the quality of the surface that you are applying to, so good surface preparation is essential.


Interior & wall art

All surfaces should be clean and free of dust, glossy surfaces are much better for the vinyl to adhere to although application can be a little more tricky.

Newly painted surfaces should be left as long as possible. There is no set rule as to how long to leave painted surfaces, that very much depends on the paint, but the longer the better, I usually recommend at least one month. Glossy paint is better for vinyl decal application that matt.

Greater care should be taken when removing the application tape on painted surfaces for two main reasons. One is that the paint can be damaged if it is newly painted or if it is flakey. The other is that some areas of the decal can also lift with the application tape, so great care and slow movements are recommended.


Exterior & vehicle graphics

All surfaces should be clean and free of dust and surface treatments such as wax or polish. Denatured alcohol is ideal for cleaning before application but be sure to test the surface first.


Glass & windows

All surfaces should be clean and free of dust and surface treatments such as wax or polish. Denatured alcohol is ideal for cleaning before application. Pay extra attention when cleaning glass for decals that are cut in reverse, remember, you will be seeing them through the other side.



The temperature of application can also make a big difference. This includes that ambient temperature, the material temperature AND the surface temperature. Somewhere between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade would be ideal.

It is beneficial to climatise your vinyl to your working environment prior to application. If it's too cold, the adhesive will struggle, if it's too warm the vinyl can stretch or 'grab' the surface making it harder to work with.


Humidity & Damp

While the vinyl itself won't suffer from humidity or moisture, the backing paper and application tape can be affected making it difficult to remove the decal from the backing paper.


Our standard vinyls are not suitable for:

Greasy, rough and porous surfaces

Clothing or fabric

Flexible surfaces

If in doubt, please ask before ordering as we can supply suitable materials as bespoke orders.

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